August 4th: Cross-device experiences and designing without screens

Historically, UX professionals concerned themselves with on-screen interactions – typically on an individual device – but increasingly, design challenges involve experiences across multiple devices, some of which may have no screen at all. Join us for a presentation and discussion of what it means to design for no screens.


William Yarbrough is a UX designer at projekt202. William has been working in experience design for over a decade and has worked for product startups in China, agencies closer to home, and Fortune 500 companies in between. He is passionate about typography, crafting modernist furniture, mobile interfaces, and his beard. He also brews his own beer, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

Schedule of Events

Chit chat & food:  6:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Talk:  7:00 PM to 8:00 PM



We are grateful to Mutual Mobile for their generous sponsorship of Austin User Experience Professionals Association meetups. Our host will be Julie Lowe.

Map and Directions

206 E 9th St   15th Floor

Google Directions

If you have trouble locating street parking near Mutual Mobile’s office, you are welcome to park in the building’s parking garage located off of San Jacinto between 9th and 10th street (Capitol City Tower). Parking is $10

If you park in the garage on any floor below level 9, you will need to take the elevator to the ground floor and then use the main elevators located in the lobby to reach Mutual Mobile’s office on the 15th floor through the double doors.

If you park on level 9 or above, simply take the parking garage elevators to Mutual Mobile’s office on the 15th floor through the double doors.

If you enter from the bottom floor, simply take the elevator to the 15th floor and come through the double doors.

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July 14th: UX + Dev = Summer Rooftop Blowout with OpenHack!

It’s all about the user. You build great software and/or design amazing user experiences, but without both development and design/UX working together, and working well, that user eventually becomes disappointed with your product and moves on. You don’t want that.

So join us on July 14th for a multidisciplinary panel discussion with designers, developers and project management roles to explore what you can learn from “the other” discipline to improve your own work.

More information – what’s all this, then?

When working with developers, how can you be a better UX designer? What can you do to work with development teams better, to make their jobs easier (or at least, less of a living hell)? As a developer, how can you better enable UX designers to dream big? What tools can you build that will enable them – not limit them?

Building strong cross-disciplinary teams is vital for every successful digital product today. However, when designers, researchers, and developers get the chance to talk to each other, they often don’t seem to understand each other’s challenges and unique capabilities, which can cause communication breakdown and significant trouble for you, and by extension, your users.

This event will be hosted by projekt202 and held at their roof top lounge, with free drinks and pizza. Organization is through a joint venture between OpenHackATX and Austin UXPA.

Oh, and did we mention there’s going to be pizza? Yeah there’s going to be pizza. Mmmm, pizza…*drool*

Schedule of Events:

Chit chat & pizza:  7:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Panel Discussion:  7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Directions and Map:

Google Map

On-street parking is free after 6pm. Additional parking available in the lot opposite of projekt202 on Guadalupe Street.

Sponsor and Host:

We are grateful to Rackspace for their generous sponsorship of Austin User Experience Professionals Association

Our host will be projekt202.

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July 7th: Panel Discussion: Google Material Design

Interested in talking about “What’s Next in UX”? Join us while we explore Google’s new Material Design principles. Panelists will discuss how Material Design will affect user experiences in the future, and how brands might use it and still keep their unique identity within the evolving digital space. Come with your questions on Material Design and have them answered by some of the brightest in the business!



Victor Solares (@hamburgerbutton) is the User Experience Lead in the Experience Design team at GSD&M. He works with clients and teams members to design and communicate strategies that enrich and empower end users.


Derek Dollahite is the Director of Experience Design at GSD&M. He leads a multidisciplinary team whose focus is to concept, design, prototype, and develop experiences that help brands find both relevancy and utility in the context of online, in-app, in-store and real world experiences.

Katherine Emsoff (@knemsoff) is the Director of User Experience for She leads a multidisciplinary team of user experience architects, visual designers, researchers, and content strategists to help craft intuitive experiences for customers who need help with their Dell products. Taking a research-led approach, Kathy and her team focus on what customers are saying through their unique experiences from Dell’s website through on and offline experiences.

Lawrence Najjar is an experienced, award-winning UX designer who worked for small design consulting firms and large enterprises to make the complex simple. He analyzed user needs, wrote personas and use cases, designed annotated wireframe scenarios, and gathered user feedback to design software enterprise applications, portals, mobile apps, Web applications, and e-commerce sites. Lawrence holds a Ph.D. in engineering psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Max Kassler is a software professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He has a Ph. D. in cognitive Psychology and has held several UX-related positions. He was the Director of Cloud Product at e-MDs where he managed the product team which was located both in-house and offshore. Along with managing the product team he was responsible for the architecture of all user-interface elements and the user interactions for the cloud-based EHR product.

Map and Directions:

Google Map

Parking will be available on the side lots adjacent to GSD&M on Woods Street. Extra parking will be made available in the parking garage on Henderson Street, if needed.

828 W 6th St, Austin, TX

  • Just east of Whole Foods on 6th Street. Note that 6th Street is a one-way street.

Schedule of Events:

Chit chat & pizza:  6:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Panel Discussion:  7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Host and Sponsor:

Our host and sponsor is Victor Solares of GSD&M.

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June 2nd: Traversing the UX Space Time Continuum

It can be especially challenging to gather information about users’ experiences over time. Diary studies provide a unique opportunity to access longitudinal data and can often be relatively inexpensive to conduct. In this workshop we will explore the use of diary studies in UX research. When are diary strategies most valuable? What are some issues to look out for when designing a diary study? What are some tips for analyzing all that data?

This workshop will be “hands-on.” We’ll actually ask attendees to participate in a diary study during the workshop. Attendees will complete activities and submit entries about their experiences using the dscout app on their phones. Then we’ll look at the data together as a group.

After you RSVP, keep an eye out for an email with more information about the hands-on activities and how you can download the dscout app before coming to the workshop.

About the Speakers:

Chris Sader is a Senior User Experience Researcher on the Rackspace Experience Design (RED) Team. At Rackspace, Chris is on a mission to use customer understanding to build empathy that empowers the teams he works with to create products and tools that delight customers. Chris holds a Master of Arts in Human Factors, with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction.

Reyda Taylor is an independent researcher providing program evaluation and UX research services in Central Texas. Reyda specializes in qualitative and mixed-method research strategies and is passionate about helping organizations improve their services. Reyda holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Florida.

Map and Directions:

Photo ID is required to enter the Rackspace offices.

Google Directions

Schedule of Events:

Chit chat & pizza:  6:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Workshop:  7:00 PM to 8:00 PM


We are grateful to Rackspace, in particular Jacki Bauer and Dave Malouf, for their generous sponsorship of Austin User Experience Professionals Association meetups. Our host will be Chris Sader.

IMG_3380 IMG_3386 IMG_3389

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May 5: Social Meeting at Punch Bowl Social


Let’s get together for a fun, relaxing night of UX camaraderie.

We can talk about UX tools and techniques, conferences, articles, experts, what we’re working on, what’s going on in our careers, job openings, and how we can help each other.

Eat and drink what you want at your own expense.

Google directions

11310 Domain Dr, Austin, TX 78758
Corner of Domain Drive and Esperanza Crossing
6:30pm onwards :)

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