November 4th: CLASS: An Ideation Technique for Lean UX in the Enterprise


CLASS: An Ideation Technique for Lean UX in the Enterprise


As UX professionals, we commonly turn to ideation sessions to explore design problems and look for innovative solutions. Over the course of 100’s of projects and scores of companies, Nick Iozzo refined a technique which has allowed him to move this tool out of the realm of UX and into the realm of product management and software development processes. After encouragement by several technology executives, he is writing a book to teach this methodology.

At the  talk, Nick will focus on the tricks he has learned in conducting an ideation session with executive stakeholders so you can leave the ideation session with the information you need and the executive buy-in required for your project to be successful.



Over the course of the past 20 years, Nick Iozzo has founded and led the user experience practice for three different consulting firms. He started his career designing some of the first e-commerce sites in the mid 90’s, to complex supply chain and business process application in the 2000’s, to becoming a product management executive for technology companies in the 2010’s. Currently, he is an Advisor with a private equity firm where he helps their portfolio companies in matters dealing with both Product Management and User Experience initiatives and processes.


Chit chat & pizza:  6:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Talk:  7:00 PM to 8:00 PM


We are grateful to Rackspace, in particular Jacki Bauer and Dave Malouf, for their generous sponsorship of Austin User Experience Professionals Association meetups.  And Rackspace is hiring!

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Job Opening: UX Researcher at Design For Use

This is your opportunity to help conduct awesome user experience research for a great consulting company. Together we can make brilliant experiences!

A user experience researcher who has a passion for applying user research and usability studies to create brilliant, intuitive, and usable products on various software platforms. You most likely have an MA/MS in HCI, Human Factors, Psychology, Social Science or 2+ years experience in applied user research. Also, you have broad command of user-centered design and research methods as well as the understanding of quantitative, behavioral analysis and statistical concepts. Your responsibilities will include

•    Running stakeholder interviews and user profile workshops
•    Creating user personas, journeys, and user stories backlogs
•    Conducting site audits and competitive analysis
•    Moderating usability tests and reporting outcomes with recommendations
•    Tracking project schedules and milestones
•    Attending meetings at clients’ offices

We make the mobile apps and websites that you use easier, more fun and a lot more intuitive. Since 2007, we’ve had offices in East Austin (long before it was hip) and Gurgaon, India (since it was a tiny hamlet of only a 1.5 million people). Our team of 17 includes user researchers, UX designers, visual designers, project managers and, of course, the bosses. We have a great culture where you will be expected to:

•    Communicate directly
•    Take ownership of your work and experience
•    Encourage new ideas and try different things
•    Ask why and embrace change
•    Follow a tried-and-true process
•    Foster your own professional growth
•    Support the rest of the team
•    Laugh and drink beer (or your beverage of choice) together

Send your resumes and work samples to :

Young Ryu, Ph.D.
Director of UX
Design For Use LLC (
young [at] designforuse [dot] net

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October 7th: Happy Hour at Draught House

Join us for a fun night of UX camaraderie. Let’s talk about what we’re working on, what’s going on in our careers and how we can help each other. Are you looking for a job? Do you know of a job opening? Let’s help each other out. Bring your business cards.

RSVP on Meetup:

Draught House Pub and Brewery
4112 Medical Parkway, Austin, TX 78756
6:30pm to 8pm


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September 2nd: Hands-on Usability Testing Training Session

Craig Tomlin leads a hands-on usability testing training session at Mutual Mobile

Craig Tomlin leads a hands-on usability testing training session at Mutual Mobile

Presentation Description: 

Craig Tomlin will be leading us in a Hands-on Usability Testing training session. In this session, you will learn and then conduct an actual usability testing session. You’ll practice being a Moderator, Participant and Note Taker, and come away with real world training you can apply and use immediately. This session was very well received and rated as one of the best sessions given when it was conducted at a prior UXPA meeting. Come prepared with your website or application, as we will be doing the tests on your actual sites.

Craig Tomlin is an award-winning digital marketing and UX consultant with over 20 years experience in B2B and B2C demand gen and UX. He is listed on as one of the Top 10 Must-Follow Usability Experts on Twitter. He leads marketing, UX and conversion optimization strategies and tactics for firms like: Blue Cross of California, BMC Software, Disney, IBM, Kodak, Prudential, WellPoint and more. He has over 4,000 Twitter followers and is a frequent speaker at events.


Mutual Mobile
206 E. 9th St. 15th Floor, Austin


6:30 PM: chit-chat
7:00 – 8:00 PM:  training session

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August 5th: Telling Stories with Narrative Taxonomy

Presentation description:
User experience and storytelling go hand in hand. UX professionals consciously apply personas, use case scenarios, underlying narratives, content strategy, and visual elements to provide a stage on which users play. But there is a key element missing in this drama: taxonomy. Much more than mere collections of categories, hierarchies, facets, and navigation elements, taxonomies “narrate the natural relationships between concepts.” That quote is from a 2011 article in Data and Knowledge Engineering, in which three computer scientists introduced the idea of narrative taxonomy (in a big data, complex algorithms, content retrieval context). This session will discuss the implications of narrative taxonomy for user experience design; specific kinds of taxonomy stories; how to recognize, analyze, and apply narrative taxonomies; and the results of user testing against different narrative taxonomy approaches. In UX, taxonomy is primarily addressed by information architects and content strategists, but not always by both at the same time. Narrative taxonomy brings both together.

Questions this session will answer: 
• How does a taxonomy tell a story, and what are the narrative elements of that story? How can a UX professional recognize and analyze them without the help of sophisticated database algorithms?
• Why and when is analyzing taxonomy from a narrative perspective helpful to UX design?
• Most importantly, what does narrative taxonomy mean to users?

About Alex O’Neal: 
Alex can be seen in the wild in the Austin area, working to optimize user experience wherever she can. Her background includes Fortune 100 companies such as Dell, Texas Instruments, and Nortel, as well as the web’s oldest social network and a medical software dot com. Alex’s professional taxonomy background includes database architecture, personalization, strategy, library cataloging, integration, SEO, and inventing and developing a cognitive science-based, faceted database approach in 2000 for Nortel.. Alex has worked as designer, developer, manager, strategist, trainer, analyst, and product owner across global cross-functional teams. She has two formal articles under her belt:Towards a More Cognitive Knowledge Management, 2000; and Intention-Focused Design: Applying Perceptual Control Theory to Discover User Intent, 2012. Alex’s online database work goes back to 1991, but her web career formally began in 1998 in Dallas, and has taken her to Seattle, Dallas, Santa Clara, Ottawa, and Argentina. Her current obsession is (surprise!) narrative taxonomy.

Rackspace Austin
9001 N IH35 Suite #150
Austin, TX 78753

6:30pm: Chit-chat, pizza, and drinks
7:00-8:00pm: Presentation

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